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Innovative solutions with a maximum of security

Our development engineers operate at the cutting edge of technological advancement. We set our sights on goals in challenging areas and make significant contributions to revolutionary projects. We consciously invest in pioneering technology.

What makes Insys unique is our exceptional ability to transform innovative technology into sturdy, real-world applications that work continuously without downtime. This expertise is what makes our customers so enthusiastic about working with us and is why they keep coming back.

Security is the most vital criteria for our customers. Our technology enables a maximum of security in the transfer of data. The built-in protection of our systems against manipulation and sabotage is renowned. The most paramount issue for our customers is the reliability of their devices and systems; an area in which we can ensure an almost continual operational availability. Our solutions ensure an incredibly long operational life with an absolute minimum of maintenance. This enables our customers to plan efficiently and competently for their future with the knowledge that their investments in our future-proof technology are secure.

Fault Monitors IMON-U300 - Reliably informed. Responding quickly.

IMON fault monitor

IMON fault monitors monitor PLCs as well as digital inputs reliably. They send configurable messages upon the occurrence of definable events via e-mail, SMS or SNMP. Needless to say that latest security functions like firewall and VPN are integrated.
A quick start for the VPN service INSYS Connectivity Service is also available.

IMON-U300/-U310: 3G fault monitor for Siemens LOGO!TMand Modbus TCP/RTU

Monitor and access PLCs and other devices over internet

IMON-U300/-U310 are 3G fault monitors for monitoring Siemens LOGO!™ micro controllers and Modbus TCP/RTU devices.

Monitored status values can trigger actions using flexible, logic combinations of freely selectable elements. Examples for this are starting/stopping the control, switching outputs or automated dispatching of pre-defined SMSs or e-mails with current status values.

The integrated web server serves for configuration and displaying the status of selected values and registers – also via remote access. IMON-U300/-U310 are ready for secure and easy VPN connections using the INSYS Connectivity Service that allows free access to the web interface and local devices in all networks. The embedded Linux system is available for the user in a safe sandbox environment with 150 MB permanent fi le system for own applications, like data recording and evaluation, protocol conversion and simple control tasks.

IMON-U310 is a special version for North Americas.

Application example:

Industrial Routers EBW-E100 - Connecting reliable and secure

EBW Industrial Router Series

The EBW industrial router series allows you an easy, reliable and secure connection of many different applications. Firewall and VPN functionalities are a matter of course. The EBW series is also based on the well-proven INSYS operating system for a consistent configuration and operation of the devices. A quick start for the INSYS Connectivity Service VPN service is also available.

EBW-E100: LAN-to-LAN industrial router

Secure dial-in/dial-out router due to firewall and VPN

EBW-E100 is a high-quality dial-in/dial-out router with netmapping and port forwarding for remote maintenance of your Ethernet applications.

EBW-E100 decouples manufacturing cells with remote access from the surrounding company IT for example. Also many subnetworks with identical local IP addresses can be distinguished and addressed targeted.

EBW-E100 is prepared for the INSYS Connectivity Service VPN service. The device can be integrated into a VPN quickly and easily in two steps only using the quick start wizard. The router gets all necessary data and certificates automatically with this.

Application example:

Industrial Routers EBW-WH100

EBW-WH100: WiFi industrial router with 3G/2G

With 2-port switch and cellular radio as backup connection

EBW-WH100 is a high-quality dial-in/dial-out router with 2 LAN ports and port forwarding for remote maintenance and remote access to your application via WiFi or alternatively 3G/2G.

The industrial high-speed router EBW-WH100 enables secure wireless connections between local networks via WiFi and to the Internet via cellular networks (3G/HSPA, 2G/GPRS/EDGE). The HSPA interface provides the prerequisite for realising remote access and maintenance. EBW-WH100 is ideal for securely accessing systems in remote networks for example.

The cellular interface serves as redundancy in case a local WiFi network is not available. A firewall and integrated VPN (OpenVPN, IPsec) provide data security.

EBW-WH100 is prepared for the INSYS Connectivity Service VPN service. The device can be integrated into a VPN quickly and easily using the quick start wizard. The router gets all necessary data and certificates automatically with this.

Application example:

Insys Connectivity Service ICS

As of February 2016:

“ICS classic” Variant

Users who create an INSYS Connectivity Service account from February 2016 on will get two free annual licences with the current functional scope. Both licenses are not tied to the purchase of further licenses with costs and renew themselves automatically after the year has expired.

How to get “ICS classic”: 

Register for the free 4-week test. The test phase will end automatically if you do not order licence packages with costs or the “ICS classic” variant with the two free licenses. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative.

Add devices online – use quick start – connected!

You’ll get your own VPN with the INSYS Connectivity Service. You’ll integrate PCs, routers and locally connected network devices (e.g. controls, measuring devices, web cams) in just a few steps. Your routers and devices can be accessed across all networks and addressed at any time with this.

The necessary certificates are generated and assigned to the devices by the service directly. Routers of INSYS icom get the complete VPN configuration transmitted automatically using a quick start wizard. Furthermore, you’re able to determine the renewal intervals of your certificates. It couldn’t be simpler and more comfortable! Assign the devices to groups and control the communication within and between these groups using simple rules.

And the best of all: You have your VPN under complete control with the INSYS Connectivity Service – with minimum investment. It starts to pay off with the first device already. The new web proxy enables secure access to web services in your VPN without a license.

Commissioning – More Simple Than Ever!
Device quick start

When using the quick start wizard of the INSYS icom network devices, customer name and device code are entered. The router connects to the INSYS Connectivity Service portal and loads all necessary settings automatically.


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