About Us

About Us

We started our activities in 1990 in the field of Electrical and Mechanical installation of machines for the textile industries in Mauritius.

We are agents for Lenze SE and Weishaupt SA (Pty) Ltd and since 1994 we have been representing Lenze Drives Systems and Weishaupt Burners.

We expanded our sales and service of Frequency Inverters and Burners to the regional market of Reunion Island and Madagascar.

We introduced SBC (Saia Burgess Controls) range of Energy Management / S Monitoring Controllers and PLCs to extend our product range into Infrastructure / Building Automation Systems.

We have been working on automation projects for the textile and other industries, more specifically with CAN Bus and Modbus communications for Inverter Drives Controls, PLCs, and HMI visualisations.

We offer energy savings solutions for pumps and fans controlled by Variable Speed Drives for HVAC applications and water pumping systems. These solutions will cut energy costs by as much as 25 – 40 % resulting in a payback period of 12 to 24 months for the project.

We stock a wide range of Frequency Inverters, Temperature Controllers, Process Controllers, Process Indicators and Sensors.

Our support team offers Installation, Commissioning, Troubleshooting and Repairs of our product range.

Reference Projects

  1. 200 kW 9300 Vector Drive

    A wet scrubber is installed to treat exhaust gas from a number of Oil fired Boilers. The induced draft fan of the scrubber is driven by a 200 kW 9300 Vector Drive.

    As plant conditions vary, so do the number of boilers in service and running at one time.

    In order to cope with the fluctuations in the gas flow rate, the speed of the fan is constantly adjusted to maintain the required draft in the boilers. This is done by a pressure transducer and the PID Control function of the Inverter.

  2. 30 - 75 kW 8200 Vector Drives

    A number of pumps rated 30, 45, 55 and 75 kW are controlled by 8200 Vector Drives and their speeds are adjusted to maintain a constant pressure of the fluid by using pressure transducers together with the PI Control of the drives.

  3. 11 kW 9300 Servo Positioning Drive

    A positioning control system is designed to replace an old mechanical one using limit switches.

    The existing motor is retrofitted with resolver feedback. The positioning parameters are programmed with an HMI touch screen. All the different positioning programs are stored and processed by the 9300 Positioning Drive.

  4. 30 - 75 kW 8200 Vector Drives

    A pressure control system for 2 pumps using Programmable Logic Relay is implemented with several features such as:

    Start Delay Timer to protect against frequent power cuts.

    Lead/Lag Control to alternate the pumps.

    Lag pump starts if lead fails or not enough capacity.

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